NRCA - Board of Directors and Officers

Current NRCA Officers

John Ingram
10205 South County Road 200W
Bunker Hill, IN 46914
Phone 765-434-4959

Tim Bolin
8186 McNicol Road
Patoka, IL 62875
Phone 618-339-8060

TJ Bolin
8333 Jones Road
Alma, IL 62807

NRCA Directors
3 Year
Casey Bolin IL
John Dell Canada
Darren Gher IL
Kerry Huss IL
Bobby Jenkins VA
Harry Oumedian MI

2 Year
Wil Barnes NC
John Biggert Sr. OH
Trista Crowe IN
Conrad McCall SC
Caleb Mullins IN
Larry Streible KY

1 Year
Kelly Biggert OH
Lee Housden IA
Justin Howard IL
Jared Hutcheson IN
Mike Jarboe MD
Adrian Strickland NC

NRCA Trustees

3 Year
Jamie Crigger VA
Tim Gilchrist IA
Becky Strickland NC

2 Year
John Biggert, Jr. OH
Brent Posey OH
Adam Wingler NC

1 Year
Richard Lambert TN
Jeff Murphy IL
George Steffes OH

NRCA Lifetime Directors

Tim Brewin (NJ)       Dewayne Brough (OH)       Kitty Brough (OH)       

Mike Marcum (KY)       Fred Moran (PA)       Meredith Slone (KY)

John Shelton (IL)       Don Vitali (IL)

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